Definitions of Mensch and Kunst

“Mensch Kunst” is a combination of two German words: “Mensch” and “Kunst.” Here is the meaning of each word:

  1. Mensch: In German, “Mensch” means “human” or “person.” It refers to an individual or a human being in a general sense. It can also convey the idea of being humane or having positive human qualities.
  2. Kunst: In German, “Kunst” translates to “art.” It encompasses various forms of artistic expression, such as painting, sculpture, literature, music, theater, and more.

When combined, “Mensch Kunst” does not have a specific or commonly used meaning in the German language. However, one could interpret it as a phrase that relates to the intersection or interaction between human beings and art. It might imply the connection between artistic expression, creativity, and the human experience.


Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn, known as Siegfried & Roy, were a German-American duo of entertainers who achieved great success and popularity as magicians and performers, particularly for their work with exotic animals, especially white tigers and lions. Here are some aspects that made them notable:

  1. Unique Performance Style: Siegfried & Roy created a groundbreaking show in Las Vegas that combined elements of magic, illusions, and theatrical spectacle. Their performances were renowned for their grandeur, including lavish sets, stunning costumes, and elaborate production values. They incorporated elements of storytelling and created a unique blend of magic and animal acts, setting them apart from other entertainers.
  2. Animal Magic: One of the defining features of Siegfried & Roy’s act was their close interaction with large exotic animals, particularly white tigers and lions. They developed a strong bond with these animals, showcasing their beauty, grace, and intelligence in their performances. Their ability to integrate the animals seamlessly into their illusions and magic tricks was a remarkable feat and captivated audiences worldwide.
  3. Las Vegas Residency: Siegfried & Roy were synonymous with Las Vegas, where they had a long-running residency at The Mirage Resort and Casino. Their show, “Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage,” became a must-see attraction for visitors to Las Vegas, drawing millions of people over the years and establishing them as Las Vegas icons.
  4. Pioneers of Animal Conservation: Siegfried & Roy’s passion for animals extended beyond their stage performances. They were dedicated to animal conservation and were actively involved in efforts to preserve endangered species. Through their foundation, they supported various wildlife organizations and raised awareness about the importance of protecting endangered animals and their habitats.
  5. Cultural Impact: Siegfried & Roy had a significant impact on popular culture. Their performances on television specials and talk shows brought magic and animal acts to a wider audience. They became celebrities in their own right and were known for their flamboyant style and distinctive appearances. Their influence can be seen in the work of many contemporary magicians and performers.

It is important to note that their career came to an abrupt end in 2003 when Roy Horn was severely injured during a performance by one of their tigers. Nevertheless, Siegfried & Roy’s legacy as groundbreaking entertainers and their contribution to the world of magic and animal performance remains significant.